Don’t Forget Soap!

an interactive installation by Annie Goodfriend & Angela Perrone

Design Challenge: Augment a physical space keeping with the three rules of AR/MR


Don’t Forget Soap was created as a whimsical and delightful kitchen augmentation to kindly remind those at the sink to use the soap while washing their dishes, an often forgotten, yet necessary part of the cleaning process.

The Story

As the user approaches the kitchen sink, a friendly blue monster mapped to the soap location pops up along with a voice utter the PSA, “Don’t forget soap!” When the user leaves the sink, the image disappears and resets.



We programmed an ultrasonic sensor to capture values of a potential user’s proximity.

We then used Isadora to pull in the values of the specific distance and used that date to trigger the projection and the sound clip.

Testing the Tech

The Setup


Isadora Tutorial
Projected Image