With BarkArt you can track your dog’s barking and turn it into a unique work of art, while discovering ways to ease his/her anxiety. It’s bark therapy for the whole family.

Whether it is separation anxiety or other triggers, dogs can suffer from emotional distress just like humans. BarkArt can help you find daily patterns and track the times of high anxiety for your pup, which will allow you the opportunity to find a way to ease the stress.

Before leaving your house, set up BarkArt on a computer in a location near your dog’s favorite spot. When your dog barks, BarkArt will add a paw on the canvas, with the size based on duration of the bark.

You will arrive home to a full painted canvas of paws of all sizes and colors. Click on an individual paw to find out the time of the bark. You can end the sketch by clicking on “end.”  Check out BarkData to see a linear visual of the day’s barking and track patterns over time.

On the lighter side, you can save the unique daily artwork by “saving BarkArt.”  And don’t forget to share your pup’s BarkArt on Instagram!


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Sample BarkArt

BarkArt (3)


Special thanks to Jason Sigal & Dan Shiffman.