source url 柿の旅 (Kaki No Tabi: The Journey of the Kaki)

enter site PLOT: A stressed out salaryman Kaki is whisked away on a traveling adventure where, after a close encounter, he realizes that work is not so bad after all.

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click 筋書き:ストレスがたまっているサラリーマンの柿様が突然に旅をすることになりましたが、怖い経験がありそうであった上、仕事がそんなに悪くはないと分かるようになりました。

go site Backstory of the Character & Story The Kaki No Tane is the quintessential Japanese snack. It is a rice cracker in the shape of a persimmon (kaki) seed (tane), nestled between salted peanuts. Its nickname is Kaki-Pi — Pi for peanut. It is best enjoyed with a glass of Asahi Super Dry or Sapporo beer. Since my years in and around Japan, kaki-pi has become my favorite snack for brain power, study fuel, commuting, sugar lows, sugar highs, just because, and is best experienced with barley or green tea.  柿の旅 (Kaki No Tabi)brings to life a salaryman in the form of a kaki-pi who is overworked and under-rested, much like the traditional salaryman in Japan. Here the Kaki is swept into a 旅 (tabi), or journey, that begins at Shibuya crossing to Tokyo Station, where he hops on the Shinkansen and travels to Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Innoshima, Miyajima and other iconic and countryside locations throughout Japan*. Next time you’re in need of a snack, you may just want to reach for a kaki-pi and be whisked away on your own tabi!

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enter site アニメーション 柿の旅 from Angela at ITP on Vimeo.

see url Angela Perrone

follow link Created with Adobe After Effects Comm Lab Animation

Buy Xanax Bar NYU-ITP, Fall 2015 *Videos and photos mainly taken from my archives from my time in Japan.