Category: Tangible Interaction Workshop

Vintangible Interaction Radio DESIGN CHALLENGE: Redo one of the previous projects – make it better Vintangible Radio from Angela at ITP on Vimeo. I decided to combine the previous design challenges of…

Sensor Project – Rotary Switch

see Description This 10-position Rotary Switch from Sparkfun Electronics (product number 13253) allows for 10 different states to be read from a single center spoke. A breakout board for this…

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Sound Controller

Order Alprazolam Online India Design Challenge: Create a sound controller that can perform 6 functions: play/stop, pause/play, skip ahead, skip back, fast forward, random song that can be used by someone visually impaired….

Stand P-UP, Creating a Lighting Controller for a Toy (Poodle) Sized Stage Design Challenge: Using an RGB LED, create a lighting controller with faders for changing brightness and color channels, on-off switch, and a control feature to interrupt the fade. Stand P-UP,…

Creating a Game Controller with USB Keyboard Functionality

enter Design Challenge: Create a game controller that uses HID output, controls w, s, a, d keyboard presses, and comes together to play Atari’s Lunar Landing.   The Controller This game… Buy Xanax In Uk Order Xanax Usa go follow url Buy Valium Next Day Uk go here Order Xanax Bars Online Buy Alprazolam 1Mg