October 2016

On the Grid with Rune.js

https://pkuatm.org/2024/05/13/4yzzlsj design challenge Use a grid system in Rune.js to create a book cover the design plan I wanted to create the book cover for Dogs and Demons: The Fall…


Pop-Up Window: Concept & Plan

https://domainebregeon.com/t5bveme4 Team GLAM Gal Nissim Lindsey Johnson Angela Perrone Michelle Hessel Concept: Current Times (working title) Social commentary on current times where people are in a physical world yet…

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Typography with Rune.js: 一期一会

see url design challenge Design a typeface based on the meaning of a word using rule-based logic. 一期一会 ichi go ichi e, one time, one meeting, a 4-character Japanese phrase meaning…


In-Tense: Intro To Color in Rune.Js

https://yplocal.us/hl9f8cjglo design challenge Using HSV color, create a design that illustrates the feeling of “tense.” Program this in a way so that each time you generate the sketch, a…


Getting into the Algorithm

go here Design Challenge: Create a design based on algorithmic code in Processing. The Process Using the various examples from class, I tested out the different generative and reactive algorithms…


Trip Report: AMNH

go site Before our Grand Tour of the American Museum of Natural History, I was able to visit Crocs, a temporary exhibit, as well as the ever-popular Dark-Universe in the planetarium….

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