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Story Boarding: “Cork Screwed” (working title)

https://annmorrislighting.com/tq3z76he2ld “Cork Screwed” a stop motion by angela perrone chino kim marcela nowak   A recently uncorked champagne cork tries to no avail to return to his position in…


Final Project Idea Mash-Up

click here To complicate matters, I have come up with a shopping list of ideas for final projects. Here are the finalists: BARK/ART BARK/ART tracks a dog’s vocal activity, as…

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API’m Hitting My Head Against the Wall

https://aguasamazonicas.org/rdomi1v9h Because I chose a very strange API to work with, the project was not very straight forward. Even with help and copying and editing code  – I had…

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A Journey Through Color

Buy Diazepam 10Mg The Color Hue Test I could not lose this color challenge. I believe I did achieve a win. As they say, you can run, but hue can’t hide. I…


MidTerm: climateHack

go Time to put it all together! For the mid-term, I had the pleasure of being  paired up with Jen Kagan. We first met to narrow down our ideas….


Serial Part Deux: Output Remix

follow LAB I: Serial Output from P5.JS First stop on the Serial Output Train – getting an LED to change in response to the functions in p5.js. In these…

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Taking Care of Business – Cards

go to link Forget the eyes – Business cards are the windows to the soul. Which is why the branding and creative process leading up to the deciding to print the…

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Playing DOM

here There is nothing that gets me more motivated than celebrating my aunt getting older. Using some new DOM elements and items covered up to now, I give you:…

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Snap, Crackle, PCOMP: Serial Communication

source link LAB I: INTRO TO ASYNCHRONOUS SERIAL COMMUNICATION After doing the labs multiple times, I am still unclear if the results were what were supposed to happen.First of all,…


Logo Motion

https://photovisions.ca/xj8og5ez7 ROXY/Quiksilver has been a successful surf and clothing brand for over 4 decades. Their logo is brilliant, iconic and gives the audience an “AHA!” moment, that even after…

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