Logo Take 1

The Schematic

OK9 All Together FINAL_bb

The Prototyping Board

IMG_2667 IMG_2668

This was my first attempt at creating a prototyping board and “lord and behold” (as my grandmother would say), the pieces worked! At each step of assembling the individual motors and sensors, I tested that they worked on their own and then moved to the next addition. The only piece missing/not working now is being able to control this prototype board with a 9V battery instead of the arduino power cord. I did use the VIN. This is the only component so far not working. But it does work with the arduino/computer plug in.

The servo/accelerometer combination (aka the eyes) work together with the prototyping board.

The DC motor/ultrasonic sensor combination (aka the tail wagging) work together with the prototyping board.

Putting the eyes into the head, the servo still can move the eyes.

Proof of a working model!

IMG_2678  IMG_2677