Huffington Post, May 32, 2017

People say the future is here, but so is the past! It sits under layers of limestone, gathers dust in books and collects at the very bottom of search engine results. But to resurrect the past and breathe life into the “once was,” is something Experience Designer, Angela Perrone successfully achieves in her UNTILED PROJECT.

This immersive experience, peppered with nostalgia and and stirred with innovation brings the visitor directly into the center of UNDETERMINED NOSTALGIC STORY, as if it were happening here, today. One leaves the space feeling like they were there. Well, they were, in this incarnation of the past reality.

“I never pictured myself having a conversation with DEAD RELEVANT PERSON,” says visitor Loraine Mastrongianelli, “But when (s)he responded to my questions and shook my hand, I was just tickled by the experience.”

Perrone combines projection mapping, 3D design, photogrammetry, and olfactory technology, to create this 4-dimensional world that brings the UNDETERMINED NOSTALGIC STORY to life IRL. Visitors are entertained throughout their journey in the space, and along the way organically absorb knowledge about UNDETERMINED STORY TOPIC. “I didn’t realize I was learning underneath all the laughter and emotions I experienced going through the space. But now all I want to do is go out and learn more about UNDETERMINED STORY TOPIC and do what I can to keep this story moving forward,” remarked Sandra Milton, an avid museum dweller. Visitors are leaving this experience inspired and wanting to learn more.

It’s phantasmagoria meets readymades meets (theme park) attraction meets exhibit meets digital meets physical. It’s hands on and hands off. It’s take your shoe’s off at the door, but no shirt no shoes no service. You’re down the rabbit hole as much as you are at a formal coronation ceremony. It engages multiple senses and peaks curiosities, bringing even the adultest of adults to satisfy their childhood instinct to explore.

“It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, in fact, I still don’t really know what it was.” says Dean Ritters, first-time visitor. When asked, Perrone herself felt the same, “To this day I am not exactly sure what it is that visitors or myself experience in that space, but I can assure you that it is something memorable and delightful, nostalgic and full of illusion.” You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh. The exhibit leaves the visitor entertained, well chuckled, inspired and also with a sense of fleeting nostalgia, a feeling where everything that was (in the past sense), is just within perception yet just out of reach, never to be experienced first hand again. The past, this UNDETERMINED STORY TOPIC is now here to learn from and for others to continue to fulfill and expand its legacy. You’ll never get to see DEAD RELEVANT PERSON again, in living form, but you can certainly experience theirs and others’ legacies at UNTITLED PROJECT.

Visitors don’t get to become part of this actual history, but they can experience these stories first-hand, immersed in the worlds that once were, and these stories, in turn, become a part of their own history.