“The artist’s vision demands new tools to realize that vision, and every now and then the artist turns out to be a toolmaker as well.” – Steven Johnson, Wonderland (175)


From books to museum visits, to reaching out to experts and polling a potential audience, here is an overview of my research thus far.

Past Project Analysis

Contacts, Experts & Mentors


I have been in touch with experience designers, interaction designers, and themed entertainment experts for continued advice and guidance along the way.  I have a few mentors in the industry who have offered to share their words of wisdom on my project ideas including Greg Triggs(Show writer, producer, entertainer), Dalit Shalom (Designer, Creative Technologist) & Chris Manson (Themed Entertainment Designer & Technologist).


I have also reached out to various museums and institutions for research inquiries including:
Paley Center scholars room
Barnum Museum – Melissa Houston
NYU Library – Margaret Smith
NYC Public Library – John Calhoun
Museum of the Moving Image
Holography Museum – Gov’s Island -Martina

Books & Articles

See complete list of books, articles and other references here.

Books I have read:

Currently Reading:

Reading List:

  • Comedy and the woman writer
  • The Participatory museum
  • Poking a dead frog
  • Mary And Lou And Rhoda And Ted and all the brilliant minds that who made the Mary Tyler Moore Show a classic
  • Love is All Around
  • Women and Laughter
  • Planning For People In Museum Exhibitions
  • Comedy and the woman writer
  • The Participatory museum
  • Bossy Pants
  • Yes Please


Thanks to the Articles & Databases reference page at Bobst, I was able to get great leads to articles either through the system, on the web or currently waiting in interlibrary loan. Search Query: women comedy writers

Waiting for Interlibrary Loan:

Visual Inspo

For doing a museum exhibit, I like these small, compact yet efficient mini exhibits from The Museum of the City of New York:

Thinking of space, this project I saw at Maker Faire, Micromuseum successfully creates an interactive museum in a limited and efficient size. It was designed for waiting room and small location installations.

Photo Credit: http://micromuseums.org/

The Pointe-à-Callière in Montreal has an exquisite opening experience:

The Walt Disney Family Museum:

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

The Mob Museum

Photo Credit: The Mob Museum

Other Links








Polling the Crowd

I reached out to a few lady comedians asking them what they would want to feel and get out of a museum about female comedians:

“I’d want to be inspired the whole time. I’d want to feel their struggles and their triumphs…Cause is if I’m going to a female comedian museum I’m not going in with empathy. I’m going in with a fight.” – Natalie Wall, Comedian, Awkward Sex & The City Creator

“[I would want to learn about the] personal story and struggles and how they broke down barriers and stereotypes…Maybe focusing on the era that started the movement for women in comedy.” -Meggie McKinnon, Comedian, Second City Toronto

Next Steps

  • Research
  • Library Visits/Appointments
  • Visit MoMI & Paley Center
  • Gather Content
  • prototype