Gal Nissim
Lindsey Johnson
Angela Perrone
Michelle Hessel

Concept: Current Times (working title)

Social commentary on current times where people are in a physical world yet trapped in the digital world, where they only communicate digitally.

How this translates to the windows:

Window 1 Standard: Sterile-ish, blah office scene. Live person sits at desk in front of the computer where they are chatting with people outside of the window via their avatar.

Window 2 Standard: Avatar of live person appears on big screen. Live feed of chat appears in second, smaller screen. The live person responds in real time and interacts through chat AND by altering the animations of their avatar.

Window 1 Empty: Either an empty room with “Will be back at___” sign OR a dummy sleeping at a desk will be in the window when no live person is present.

Window 2 Empty: The avatar appears sleeping on the big screen, surrounded by social media icons, of which have numbers of missed messages growing over the time the live person is away (arbitrarily). In smaller screen the chat continues as people outside of the window message in. A tally appears above showing how many missed messages.

Window 1 Version 1

Live Person Version 1

Window 1 Version 2

Live Person Version 2

Away Version

No Person Version


Body Scans:
Scanect scan bodies
Structure iPad App
Maya edit and realign mesh
Fusion edit mesh
Mixamo animate 3D scans

Scene Work & 3D Body Application:
Unreal Engine

Chat Feature:


Week of October 16
Body Scan
Bring scans into Unreal Engine
Start backgrounds in Unreal Engine
Get the chat bot on its feet
Solidify window design/aesthetic
Work on getting screens



Week of October 23
Choose animations
Pull into Unreal Engine
Test interactions
Start set build of windows

Week of October 30
Finish set build
Add additional stuff if time allows

Week of November 6
Test Test Test