BARK/ART tracks a dog’s vocal activity, as it is related to canine anxiety,and translates the barking into art. Via a microphone or sound sensor of some sort picks up the barking while the owner is away, and the program will draw a shape. The shape’s size, girth, etc will be directly connected to the length of the barking for that particular incident. It will also offer a time stamp for when each particular bark occurred, offering a glimpse into when the peak anxious moments happen.



The owner can then track the data and see if there are patterns of barking behavior and possibly discover triggers or specific times when the dog experiences this heightened anxiety and see if there is any way to lessen that feeling for their animal. With daily patterns data available, owners can find ways to alleviate stress for their pups at its worst times.

Owners can also save the “art” that is created from this scenario either by taking a screen shot or by saving the image, if that programming is possible.



How can an interactive piece create something visual pleasing and something beneficial in the real world?  I want to find a way to turn barking into art but also use it help dogs that suffer from anxiety. Dogs that I have known with separation anxiety are my inspiration for this idea.



Dog owners who have dogs with separation anxiety and other anxieties who want to find ways to relieve that stress.

Dog owners who want to turn their dog’s barking into a visual landscape.




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