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Week 11 Updates

“Don’t be afraid to break things.” – Me, after this week This week saw a lot of progress in the way of content, user testing and tech.  Here…

Museum of Funny Ladies, Cabinets of Wonder Final Case Statement

Cabinets of Wonder, Fall 2016


After acute analysis of the museum experience through visits over the last years and more specifically months, I decree the following as the ingredients to what makes the…

The Ideal Art Show

Art appreciation is subjective. And in my “dream” art show I plan to subject people to the wonders of the cabinets and curiosities of my fancy, the collections of interest…

Trip Report: AMNH

Before our Grand Tour of the American Museum of Natural History, I was able to visit Crocs, a temporary exhibit, as well as the ever-popular Dark-Universe in the planetarium….

The Viper Room Nightclub Museum

By the late 2020s, threats and acts of terrorism grew frequent and unpredictable.  Americans became wary of entering theaters, nightclubs, concert venues and other public, enclosed spaces, for fear of…

NYSci Field Trip

As early as the walk toward the museum, before even setting foot on the property, NYSci sets the tone of the experience that one is about to have….

In Search of Nostalgia: Ellis Island and The Tenement Musem

  ELLIS ISLAND MUSEUM OF IMMIGRATION For years I had been dreaming of the day that my ship, much like “the boat” that my grandmother took over from…