This week I had the opportunity to user test both the phone and TV interactions. Here are some of the highlights and feedback.

User Testing from Angela at ITP on Vimeo.

The Phone

User: Real Estate Agent and Former Educator, Baby Boomer


  • Numbers are not lining up to the numbers (tech issue, troubleshooted, fixed, common ocurance)
  • -Enjoyed the content that makes her laugh – the speaker is funny in telling her own story
  • You learn about the process
  • It’s neat, she feels like she is talking her
  • She feels like she is in the 70s
  • The names are familiar Normal Lear, Bud Yorkin, Jane Alexander
  • Regarding shortening the phone number length: It wouldn’t be experiencing the 70s if you had to press just one button – not sure when total phone started
  • It’s realistic with the technology of the era so it helps to feel that she is speaking about stuff from the 70s
  • Gives it voracity, that this was the stuff of the times

User:  Carol, Sales and Investments, Baby Boomer


  • Was hesitant to use it or call people, as she didn’t know these people in the phone book
  • She said she would call “the president” in the book
  • The experience felt weird
  • At first she did not hang up the phone before calling second number – but thought she had
  • “Eerie”
  • It takes you back but you’re part of it, all of these people
  • It makes you want to continue

User: Sybil Adelman Sage (the writer!) & Martin Sage, Comedy Writers, Pre-Boomers

Sybil was able to user test her own stories!


  • Add wait music such as theme songs from the shows when you call
  • Carl Reiner bit

User: Dominic, graduate student, Gen Y


  • He knew which knob to turn because he saw me use it and he engaged with the knob because he is an ITP student and he knows that is what one does – but is this obvious for other users?
  • We talked about how to get people to interact with this at all, as well as how to get them to engage with the correct knob
  • We also talked about how to keep the top knob in place on the right channel without detracting from the original appearance. I suggested a red dot, and he thinks that is too loud for the TV’s aesthetic