Le Cage Aux Fowl from Angela at ITP on Vimeo.

Lindsey Johnson
Gal Nissim
Angela Perrone

Le Cage Aux Fowl is an outdoor art installation that aims to “disrupt” the space with projections of pigeons trapped in a trash can.

We prototyped some ideas before landing on Le Cage Aux Fowl.

We tested out an idea for a bee hive installation.


We tried persuading people to look toward a certain direction.

In the end we decided to animate pigeons trapped in a cage, the cage being a trash can. Through illustrator we animated several birds in flight.



The animation was successful in grabbing attention while being hidden in an entryway. We were ready to set up the full installation of Le Cage Aux Fowl in its proper, trashy location.


Bird Silhouettes via:ttps://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/96128-free-pigeon-silhouette-vector