This is a Cornell box based on the play The Completeness by Itamar Moses.

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One Sentence Summary

The Completeness is the story of two lovers that compliment each other in both their careers and relationship, but suffer from deeper issues that keep them struggling with commitment.

The Cornell Box

The Completeness  seemed to hold the essence of the 1990s, dial-up, industrial office space, florescent lights, Windows 95, hard disk kind of tech world. Perhaps it was the tech language or perhaps it was the culture of the characters that brought out an energy that seemed to harken back to the early days of web development and the internet.

With that energy in mind, along with other inspiration from the script, I crafted my Cornell Box with the following:



the box: without any luck finding an old PC monitor, I found this industrial file/tool box that had that 90s cold, damp color and feel.

grey felt: Bringing in the grey coloring of 1990s computers and hard disks

keyboard keysThese old-style thick keys represent the 90s as well as the pattern, loop or trap that Elliot and Molly seem to be in when it comes to relationships:

  • CNTL: They like to be have control over the relationship
  • PAUSE/BREAK: The next step is a break or pause in the relationship
  • DEL: They break-up
  • WINDOW: And run away from the situation
  • ENTER: Move on, lather, rinse, repeat

the blue gel: this represents the blue during scene changes that freezes the characters in this deep color (perhaps signifying deep code, deep into neuroses or deep feelings within the play).

the glass dish: this directly represent the petri dish used by Molly.

apollo 11 sticker: The sticker says “First To Moon,” a huge first in science which happens to be a theme in TC. Elliot is on the brink of becoming the first to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem, a possible big breakthrough in science and technology.

the music man poster: The Music Man is a classic musical about a traveling salesman.