Created by Angela Perrone & Gal Nissim

Hungry for something cute?

If you’re in the mood for edible adorable, try Butcher Baby, the cutest kitchen trinket to hit the market since the melon baller.

With a sturdy grip, Butcher Baby rolls right on to a fresh meat patty leaving the imprint of one of nature’s cutest resource: a baby! Pop your “bun” in the oven and within 20 minutes yo
u’ll be nibbling on a newborn.

Butcher Baby, the perfect treat for yourself.

Critics are calling Butcher Baby “Delightfully strange.”

Get yours today!

*Results may vary. Butcher Baby is only sold in Israel (and Japan). Proceed with caution. 


Butcher Baby from Angela at ITP on Vimeo.


Readymades is not just about the final product, it’s about the journey. Our journey began as an adventure through the Japanese thrift shops of East Village and expanded into the vast second hand store wormhole of the neighborhood.

No good journey begins without a treasure map.
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After searching high and low, we found out items du jour:

Cure Thrift Shop
Housing Works Thrift Shop


We were well on our way to a readymade. We knew that we wanted to incorporate both babies and meat into our project. With our mug and wooden pineapple, we were ready to go — Until we found an object that stole our hearts: the metallic funnel:


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And then Butcher Baby was born.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.31.33 PM_95A0019

Butcher Baby is a product designed for those who want to eat something cute! Just grip the back, hold steady and roll the face over a patty and voila!





With special Japanese technology, the imprint of the baby’s face pops out instead of in! KAWAII!


What will they think of next…?