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follow link The Schematic OK9 All Together FINAL_bb The Prototyping Board

Buy Real Xanax Bars IMG_2667 IMG_2668 This was my first attempt at creating a prototyping board and “lord and behold” (as my grandmother would say), the pieces worked! At each step of assembling the individual motors and sensors, I tested that they worked on their own and then moved to the next addition. The only piece missing/not working now is being able to control this prototype board with a 9V battery instead of the arduino power cord. I did use the VIN. This is the only component so far not working. But it does work with the arduino/computer plug in.  

source url The servo/accelerometer combination (aka the eyes) work together with the prototyping board.

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here The DC motor/ultrasonic sensor combination (aka the tail wagging) work together with the prototyping board.  

Buy Cheap Valium Online Putting the eyes into the head, the servo still can move the eyes.  

source url Proof of a working model!

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