I can really see how the Design Challenge could have been fun and beneficial. However, I am personally not at that level and feel like I need to go back through all of the course material before attempting something like that.

My partner was great. She had the code on lock. And I was able to troubleshoot the breadboard connections.

Peekaboo Game


Close your hands together over your eyes like in peekaboo (the two ends of the circuit close) and then open your hands, and voila, a new fun, inspiring, silly picture appears on the screen.

We did have a bit of trouble getting the pictures to change one at a time and not be rapid motion one after the other. Paula was great at executing the code and with some help from the residents we did get it to work for the most part. However it did take the full time.

IMG_1403 IMG_1404

This project was not very helpful for me, mainly because I do not have a strong hold of the code. It just made me realize more how much I need to go back over everything and how far behind I am. Seeing other projects come to fruition also was a bit overwhelming. Hopefully I can be comfortable with the next design challenge, as I definitely see how it can be a fun and challenging adventure, instead of an anxiety ridden experience.