We all have those days here at ITP where we are hanging off of the Empire State Building, yelling and screaming,  wreaking havoc on the city of New York.  Just me?

This week we explored the Boolean Variable including if, while, mouseIsPressed etc. Building on the previous content, we were to build a game of some sort using this if this then that Boolean logic, along with creative usage of code that we have learned.

At this point I am happy that I can still find the p5.js application on my computer. Partnered up with the lovely Yun Li, we decided to use the notion of the film poster (influenced by our Visual Language assignment) and build an interaction off of that. We narrowed down the poster to the 1933 version King Kong.



I am going to be honest. I have not seen King Kong from any era. However, I have ridden the attraction at Universal Studios Florida more times than I can count (before it was tragically removed from the part #RIPKingKong).  It turns out we are supposed to air on the side of Mr. Kong, so in that vein, we decided share that empathy in this sketch.

Step 1: loadimage.
Step 2: Spend forever trying to follow the directions to loadimage and continuously get this error message:Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.20.16 AM
Step 3: Become frustrated because the basis of the “game” won’t make sense without the image in the background.
Step 4: Who cares about the background!
Step 5: Proceed to the moving parts of the “game.”

So off I went, back to p5.js where I wanted to apply the concept of the bouncing ball but instead with a taxi going back and forth.  I originally had this code to send it back:

original code for moving taxi back and forth

original code for moving taxi back and forth

This did work, however, after watching the tutorials, I shortened the code to this boolean phrase:

final code for moving taxi

final code for moving taxi

And it worked just the same, only cleaner in the code.

The taxi was a success. Phew!

For the “game” or interaction for this piece, I originally wanted to do something where if you clicked on a certain spectrum on Kong, either the lights on a building would light up, blood would fall from his mouth, the spot/search lights would activate. Since the background was missing, getting the proper coordinates would not work. And in light of time constraint I did a simple interaction, to love on Mr. Kong:
If mouseX is over the path of the taxi, a heart appears over         where I think Kong might be, had the background been in place.

The result:

My intention is to make it more interactive. And this is my question on that thought.
Question: How can I make the entire coding for the taxi be one piece of information, and using the “if” notion, if the taxi at any given point along X is pressed, then ____ happens? Does this involve push/pop? If so how?

Yun Li then brought her code together with my code and created this game, that probably answers my question above:


I was able to get the background loaded into the program!
Play HERE!

Or see here: